Oscar Niemeyer reminded me that in humanity there are no hierarchies, that we are all in the same dimension of having hope and desire to change the world for the benefit of humanity.
                                                              María Pagés

Life is a breath. Everything ends. They tell me that after I pass away, other people will see my work. But those people will die too. And others will come but they will also leave. Immortality is a fantasy, a way of forgetting reality. What matters, while we are here, is life, people. Hugging friends, living happily. Changing the world. And nothing more.
                                                         Oscar Niemeyer

Utopia was born from the encounter of María Pagés and the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer that led to the beginning of a collaboration between architecture and its universe and flamenco dance and choreography.

It definitely comes from, an artistic and ethical investigation on the concomitances between the original traces of the architectural conception and dance. But it also ends up being the aesthetic exploration of nonconformity and desire.

From a powerful flamenco choreography, a choreographic conception inspired by the curvilinear traces of Oscar Niemeyer sketches and an original and live music, this piece speaks of solidarity, commitment, exile, transience and the smallness of human beings in a cosmos Indifferent to their miseries and greatness.


It is also a work that claims imagination and idealism as necessary engines for the growth of humanity.




  • Dance
    María Pagés, Virginia Muñoz, Marta Gálvez, Nuria Martínez, José Barrios, Paco Berbel, Rubén Puertas
  • Singers
    Ana Ramón, Juan de Mairena 
  • Guitar
    Rubén Levaniegos y José “Fyty” Carrillo
  • Percussion
    Chema Uriarte
  • Voice, guitar and cavaquinho
    Fred Martins
  • Cello
    Sergio Menem

Artistic cast

  • Direction and Coreography
    María Pagés
  • Dramaturgy
    El Arbi El Harti
  • Farruca coreography and Coreography assistant
    José Barrios
  • Music
    Rubén Levaniegos, Fred Martins, Isaac Muñoz y José “Fyty” Carrillo
  • Lyrics
    Charles Baudelaire, Mario Bendetti, Miguel de Cervantes, Antonio Machado, El Arbi El Harti, Pablo Neruda, Oscar Niemeyer, Marcelo Diniz 
  • Lighting design
    Pau Fullana
  • Sound design
    Albert Cortada
  • Dyeing of Materials and Paintings
    Taller María Calderón
  • Set producer
    Eduardo Moreno 
  • Costumes confection
    Sandra Calderón

Technical staff

  • Stage manager
    Octavio Romero
  • Lighting
    Pato Bessia
  • Sound
    Albert Cortada
  • Monitor
    Marc Santa

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  • Utopia
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