When Mikhail Baryshnikov invited me to BAC* to dance, he asked me for a very personal work that would show what I am as a person and as a dancer or creator. I interpreted his demand as if it were a self-portrait, and although what I presented there, was subject to a small and intimate space, the idea of ??developing on a stage my self-portrait encouraged me to do this work. I felt the need to learn to know myself, even more at this moment in my life, to stop and get closer to the mirror to see clearly, to observe and analyze myself carefully and translate it all into a movement, an atmosphere, a scenic situation . I was actually trying to follow the process that painters follow when they draw or paint their self-portrait.

Dancing is the only way I have found to know myself,  it has always been with me,  we have not abandoned each other, we are one; After all, the dance is what best demonstrates what I am.

From this experience I learned to look at myself in the mirror as if it were a game, that is, without forgetting the wise words of the Soleá:

"The mirror you look at
will tell you how you are,
but it will never tell you
the thoughts you have"



  • Dance
    María Pagés, Isabel Rodríguez, María Vega, Eva Varela, José Barrios, José Antonio Jurado, Paco Berbel, Rubén Puertas 
  • Singer
    Ana Ramón, Juan de Mairena
  • Guitar
    José “Fyty” Carrillo, Rubén Levaniegos 
  • Percussion
    Chema Uriarte
  • Violin / cello
    David Moñiz / Sergio Menem

Artistic cast

  • Creation and direction
    María Pagés
  • Farruca coreography, zapateado and choreographer assistant
    José Barrios
  • Lyrics and music
    José Saramago, Antonio Machado, Miguel Hernández, Federico García Lorca, Ben Sahl, Alberto Cortéz, José “Fyty” Carrillo, Isaac Muñoz, música popular
  • Original music
    Rubén Levaniegos 
  • Lighting design
    Pau Fullana
  • Scenography and Costume design
    María Pagés
  • Coreographer assistants
    José Barrios
  • Dyeing of Materials and Paintings
    Taller María Calderón
  • Costumes Confections
    Luis F. Santos, González
  • Zapatería

Una producción de:

  • Self-portrait

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  • Self-portrait
  • Self-portrait