Let your eyes listen to me

The title Óyeme con los ojos (Let your eyes listen to me) arises from the poem Sentimientos de ausente (Feelings of absent) by mexican-poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

In this beautiful solo, María Pagés accompanied by six musicians, narrates the life and concerns of a woman, whose existence is marked by dance and choreography, as a vocation and as a profession. Maturity provides her the distance and bravery to reveal herself as she is: a woman, human, who is neither surprised nor scared of her humanity.

From the poems of the sufís and mystics Ibn Arabi, Jalal Eddine Rumi, San Juan de la Cruz, Fray Luis de León, Tagore and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz herself, Óyeme con los ojos is a composition built around  eight scenes, very patent dramaturgically at choreography and music, the latter being a dramatic charcacter itself. Its uniqueness  resides in the fluid interaction between : story and words, rhythm, singing and melody, flamenco tapping and percussion, strong voices and delicate ones, humor and irony.

The show’s duration is 75 minutes with no pauses.



  • Dance
    María Pagés
  • Sing
    Ana Ramón, Bernardo Miranda
  • Accompaniment and clapping
    José Barrios 
  • Guitar
    Rubén Levaniegos
  • Cello
    Sergio Menem
  • Violin
    David Moñiz

Artistic cast

  • Direction and Coreography
    María Pagés
  • Dramaturgy
    El Arbi El Harti
  • Music
    Rubén Levaniegos, María Pagés, música popular
  • Lyrics
    Ibn Arabi, El Arbi El Harti, Fray Luis de León, José Agustín Goytisolo, San Juan de la Cruz, Rumi, Tagore, Rubén Levaniegos, María Pagés, Mario Benedetti.
  • Lighting Design
    Pau Fullana
  • Sound design
    Albert Cortada
  • Choreography Assistant
    José Barrios
  • Dyeing of Materials and Paintings
    Taller María Calderón
  • Costumes confection
    Sandra Calderón

Technical staff

  • Lighting
    Dominique You
  • Sound
    Enrique Cabañas
  • Stage manager
    Oscar Alonso "Rusti"

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  • Let your eyes listen to me

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  • Let your eyes listen to me
  • Let your eyes listen to me