This new creation of María Pagés Company, whose title is Rostros (Faces), invoking the singularity of the plural, is part of a syncretic and open dialogue that establishes tradition and modernity. As in all the works of the Spanish director María Pagés, her creative sensibility fuses, through choreography, flamenco music and dramaturgy, the enormous diversity and richness of Spanish culture. It is, of course, a wisdom and cultural knowledge that come out from her particular patrimonial essence, as paradigms that catalyse freedom and the universal.

From the dramaturgical point of view, this dialectic between the past and the present is narrated by seven poetic voices, Machado, Benedetti, Hernandez, Whitman, Cervantes, Neruda and Lorca ... That is why in Faces, literature, music and dance intertwine organically in every movement, every word, every song.


Rostros is, therefore, the result of a research and recovery of Spanish cultural heritage, which allows the choreographer to participate in her unique way of understanding flamenco as a living art in constant evolution, an art that as the Andalusian philosopher Ibn Arabi says, can adapt to all forms without losing his soul. In this occasion, the artist rescues some classic songs of enormous value, that the musicians of the company and dancers regenerate and interpret in a master way.



  • Dance
    Eva Varela. Virginia Muñoz, Marta Gálvez, Julia Gimeno, José Barrios, Rafael Ramírez, Manuel del Río, Juan C. Avecilla
  • Singer
    Ana Ramón, Bernardo Miranda
  • Guitar
    Rubén Levaniegos, Isaac Muñoz
  • Violin
    David Moñiz
  • Percussion
    Chema Uriarte

Artistic cast

  • Direction and Coreography
    María Pagés
  • Dramaturgy
    El Arbi El Harti
  • Original Music
    Rubén Levaniegos
  • Lyrics
    Miguel de Cervantes, Miguel Hernández,Federico García Lorca, Antonio Machado, Mario Benedetti, Pablo Neruda
  • Lighting Design
    Pau Fullana
  • Costumes Design
    María Pagés
  • Sound design
    Beatriz Anievas
  • Choreography Assistant
    José Barrios
  • Textile dying and painting
    Taller María Calderón
  • Costumes confection
    Sandra Calderón

Equipo técnico

  • Lighting
    Dominique You
  • Sound
    Enrique Cabañas
  • Stage managing
    Oscar Alonso "Rusti"

Una producción de:

  • Faces

Colaboración en el proceso de elaboración:

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  • Faces