I, Carmen

I, Carmen is not a review of the famous character, it is not a version of the so often adapted work of Merimée. No. Maria Pagés's work is a woman's voice that rises before us, clear and forceful, to express the reality that confronts, builds and develops the feminine soul. It wants to be the voice of all women, without subterfuge, without inherited folds, without fears or connotations built by the male gaze.

The voluptuous character that Bizet wrapped up with his fascinating music serves as a starting point for a show that seeks to disarm the stereotypes created, maintained and inculcated over the centuries, to silence the essence of the real woman. A woman talking about women, with the thousand and one edges that make them, that hold them.

The choreographic reflection of Pagés seeks to confront the myth and strip the public of that prefabricated image that we all have incorporated in our cultural universe, to, from there, raise on the stage a more accurate and a more truthful one. And, at the same time, it not only explores desire as an ethical responsibility, it also claims life, pleasure, autonomy, freedom and happiness as the fundamental rights of every human being.

The duration is 1h20 'without breaks.



  • Dance
    María Pagés, Eva Varela, Virginia Muñoz, Marta Gálvez, Nuria Martínez, Julia Gimeno, Sara Pérez
  • Singers
    Ana Ramón, Sara Corea
  • Guitar
    Rubén Levaniegos , José Carrillo “fyty” 
  • Cello
    Sergio Menem
  • Violin
    David Moñiz
  • Percussion
    Chema Uriarte
  • Choreography Assistant
    José Barrios

Artistic cast

  • Direction and Coreography
    María Pagés
  • Dramaturgy
    El Arbi El Harti
  • Music
    George Bizet, Sebastián Yradier, Rubén Levaniegos, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz, María Pagés
  • Lyrics
    María Zambrano, Widdad Benmoussa, Akiko Yosano, Marguerite Yourcenar, Margaret Atwood, Belén Reyes, El Arbi El Harti, María Pagés
  • Lighting Design
    Pau Fullana
  • Costume Design
    María Pagés
  • Choreography Assistant
    José Barrios
  • Dyeing of Materials and Paintings
    Taller María Calderón
  • Costumes confection
    Sandra Calderón, Ángel Domingo
  • Floor
    Harlequin Liberty

Technical staff

  • Lighting design
    Dominique You
  • Sound design
    Enrique Cabañas
  • Stage manager
    Oscar Alonso "Rusti"

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