María Pagés Compañía

María Pagés

With ARTEDEA an association founded by the choreographer and the Company, María Pagés undertakes intense philanthropic and formative activities, to help people with difficulties. These actions usually take place in children’s hospitals,

To this work is added a continuous dedication to training in universities, colleges and theaters. This vocation emanates from the Company's conviction of the role that dance can play in generating empathy, companionship and hospitality to those who need it; As well as being a paradigm of transmission and training in the principles of citizenship and the promotion of respect for diversity and teamwork.

Moreover, María Pagés focuses her reflection in confronting the myth that has been built around Flamenco to deprive the public of possible stereotypes that we might all have built on our cultural universe.


The civic reflection of María Pagés aspires to confront the myth of Flamenco to reality to make dance a hospitable vehicle, generous and committed to its surroundings.

She incorporates as a calling the erasement of the lines that divide the I from the You


With this philosophy María Pagés Compañía creates Fukushima, my love (2013)Joy of the children (2013): Let your eyes listen to me, golpe a golpe (2014); Don’t let the day end (2015)